Meal Plans

Welcome to the WILD MealPlan.

You are here because you want to do your body and tastebuds right and give you the convenience of a prepared meal for breakfast and lunch for a super affordable price.


Meal Plans cost a minimum of $15/day (Monday-Friday) for breakfast and lunch and you may do a 1 week trial period to see if this suits you, and after a week and you dig it, you can opt in for a minimum 1 month commitment so you can actually see a noticeable difference in yourself! You can do a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year options for your Meal Plan. Meal Plans run MONDAY – FRIDAY (weekends not included).

For travelers, week long plans are ok too. We need to plan ahead for this which is why we need as much time to prepare the best possible Meal Plan options for everyone!

You can also sign up for a WILD Water bottle plan where you get unlimited seasonal flavored water for a month for $99. (example: flavored lemon ginger water)